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Louis XIV rocks!

Louis XIV's legacy and WAC teachers

About Louis
legacy/ monarch-teachers

King Louis XIV like many of the monarchs of his time left quite an impressive legacy.  When he lost power due to his death, he had left France as a very powerful nation in Europe and in the world at that time.  There wasn't much that France got that Louis XIV didn't give them, seeing as he rose France up to have power, riches, and territory.          
There are teachers at Central that have similar atributes to King Louis XIV of France.  They tend to have an absolutionist feel about them.  In fact they act as a monarch in their class room.  In Central we don't have a parliment, however we do have a complete set of school rules.  Certain teachers act as monarchs when they don't apply the school's (nations) rules (laws) to the students in their class room.  In a sense it's like when King Louis XIV took more power than the French parliment.  Also, all teachers hand out hall passes for students to go to other teachers, the main office, attendence office, bathroom, locker, etc.  Although it is up to the teacher whether the student is allowed to do so or not.  In a way like when Louis XIV put tariffs on France's exports as to control the trade over seas and into other countries.  So you see, French monarchs and West Allis Central teachers tend to be quite alike in many ways.

Louis XIV "the sun god"