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Louis XIV rocks!

About Louis

About Louis
legacy/ monarch-teachers

This page is all about Louis himself and how he came to power.

Louis XIV lived in France and came to power at the age of 4.  He came to power due to the death of his father.  Louis XIV reigned over France for 72 years.  However, since Louis was too young to rule at the age of 4, his mother, Anne of Austria, served as regent.  Anne of Austria was assisted in ruleing also by Jules Cardinal Mazarin (an italian financer who was the principal minister of Louis XIV's father Louis XIII).  54 of Louis's 72 years, he personally controlled the French government.  Due to Louis XIV he epitimized the ideal kingship and raised France to be on of the strongest countries at the time.

Louis XIV was able to be credited as one of the greatest monarchs in the history of Europe much because of certain qualities that he had.  The main one being that he never doubted his "Divine Right".  He had believed his entire life that he was sent by God to rule France and that, at many times, was able to keep him going as a leader.

Louis XIV "the sun god"